Agricultural product presentation system project by province

Providing provincial agricultural production data presentations to support accurate and fast information for implementation of public and private governance in production development planning in line with market demand. Efficiency and contributes to food security.

30 June 2020

Design and Development of the Prototype of the Insurance System for Rice, Year 2020

1. To develop Mobile Application for use with mobile phones in the Android and iOS systems to be a convenient tool for farmers. Who suffer from natural disasters 2. Develop a Web Application to reduce work processes and gather information about the damage. To make it easier to assess the overall damage.
3. To help farmers report damage from natural disasters easily and quickly. Follow up on events
4. To provide farmers with tools for disaster risk management through Mobile Application system that can be used immediately.

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25 March 2020

Project to increase efficiency of combine harvester management

1. To enhance knowledge and promote the use of applications. "Reservation of harvester" for farmers / farmers groups and combine harvesters To be able to apply the system to manage the combine harvester during the time when the rice production is very large.
2. Link and integrate harvester operators with farmers / farmer groups. To be able to manage rice and combine harvesters and use the system for managing spatial agriculture easily and quickly in a timely manner. And develop manpower to be ready for the digital economy and society
3. To develop approaches and prototypes for systematic storage and tracking of combine harvester data
4. To use the information in the system to analyze in the management of the combine harvester during the time when the product is released to the market.

29 June 2019

Farm Feed Project: Agricultural Data Collection and Management Platform Shared resources (DEPA Digital Research Development and Innovation Fund)

1. To provide agricultural information management services for farmers. And information on agricultural plots (Geospatial data) in Thailand
2. To create tools to facilitate farmers. And create a body of knowledge in agriculture By focusing on the use of innovation to change the production process for sustainable growth
3. To prepare data for doing Big Data Analytics for agriculture in Thailand.
4. To study the feasibility of the agricultural machinery sharing platform. (Uberization)
5. To prepare Thailand to enter the age of agriculture 4.0
6. To enhance the competitiveness of the agricultural sector of Thailand.

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3 July 2018

Conduct research and development of spatial information

Conducted research and development of geospatial data of Bangkok Metropolitan Region (Data Analytics Project) in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, Japan. (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Year 2017

Conduct research and development of large agricultural geospatial system

Conduct research and development of agricultural geospatial systems (Spatial Big Data) and Mobile Application in agriculture.

Year 2016

Consulting and system development for government organizations

It is a consultant and system development for government organizations such as the Agricultural Research and Development Center, Provincial Waterworks Authority, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Geo-Informatics Development Agency (GISTDA).

Year 2015

Conduct research and development of geospatial technology systems

Conduct research and development of geospatial technology with open source programs.

Year 2014

Established In Infuse Co., Ltd.

In Infuse Co., Ltd. is a company established to provide data management services and develop spatial data analysis systems. As well as public and private consultants with an emphasis on research and taking on problems to develop solutions

Year 2013